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Sichuan Memeratta Technology Co., Ltd is China’s professional Trading Company. It is initiated from Chengdu, the city known for the commercial hub in West China as “One Belt, One Road.” As a corporate of trade, we are well-educated employees with all the acquired expertise in this field. We are a crew of enthusiastic and dynamic professionals who have worked with different agencies and became well-trained. Memeratta was originated in 2017 to combine the trade expertise together with a team of young and energetic professionals with unique talents. We are the only firm that gives young talent a chance to prove their skills and expertise under professional observance. We provide our customers with the top-quality material at the most reasonable rates. We are not limited to China but have a huge demand globally. This is the reason we are making it to the leading manufacturers and suppliers of China. The top-notch companies internationally want to trade with us because of our high-tech products and our superior services.