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Artificial Intelligence

Leading High-Quality Intelligent Camera Supplier

Sichuan Memeratta Technology Co., Ltd is China’s professional trading company among all. We offer different artificial intelligence products to our customers. Being high-quality intelligent camera supplier, you can easily install intelligent pan-tilt camera in your home, in your office, in your garden, and anywhere you want. Plus point is you can always view several locations from your phone and stay updated in different rooms of the situation.

It comes with 1080p Full HD video with a 20fps maximum frame rate, which makes the image clearer and smoother. The dynamics in your home are visible at a glance as you watch remotely from your mobile phone. High-quality intelligent camera supplier provides you an amazing camera with lots of features that let you connect with the app for Android and iOS, track your home or company from anywhere. To connect your security system to your phone, just install the app and check your system’s unique QR code.

High-Quality Intelligent Pan-Tilt Camera

High-quality intelligent pan-tilt camera allows you to remotely control the cam, so you can use the app to see any view of your space when you're away, on demand. Or, by setting 4 predefined waypoints, have the Cam pan track your space automatically with the Pan Scan feature. There is a 360 ° left / right rotation range for panning and a 93 ° vertical up / down range for tilting.

• High-quality intelligent pan-tilt camera has consistent color image at night can also be preserved by the full color day and night screen, built-in warm-color illumination.

• 3 million ultra-bright, H.265 encoded pixels with a clear and smooth image.

• There is an automated sound and light warning to discourage intruders and avoid attacks.

• Intelligent face recognition, human-like tracking shooting, cry detection and irregular real-time warning.

China Multifunctional Floor Sweeper Robot

China multifunctional floor sweeper robot is 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner robot can sweep, vacuum and mop simultaneously, remove dust, debris and stains on hard floor or low-pile carpet thoroughly, carry you a tidy home.

Following some features of China multifunctional floor sweeper robot 

• Multi-featured. Sweeping, washing with a vacuum and mopping. Their roles are complete. You can mop the floor with a wet towel after drying vacuum by using it, you can use both dry and wet conditions.

• Lateral grass. 8 cm/3.15 'radius edge brush, solid seam dust on the cleaning edge, all hair styles, flakes, and sweep to the dust suction mouth vicinity.

• Avoid dropping. It automatically recognizes the height when it is used to clean the table and does not fall.

• Automatic Turning. Avoid obstacles and change course automatically.

• It is easy to disassemble, clean and reuse the dust box; attention should be paid to pressing when opening the lower part of the dust box.