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LED Smart Cabinet Light

  • Perfect substitute for traditional traffic triangle. Eight functions, Red and White lighting Rechareable with USB connection, carried with 2x18650 Lithuim batteries, last for 10hours, and 3xAA batteries, last for 6hours 360Deg protection with ABS material

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  • Solar rechargeable and DC power charge, built-in battery indicator light Five lighting model: Work normally under rainy surrounding without any shade Carried with portable stainless steel hook, Technical specifications: Power Source:Solar and DC power

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  • Power Source:Solar Batteries:1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included) Product Dimensions:6.3 x 3.8 x 1.9 inches Color: Black Shape:Square Material:ABS IP Rating: IP65 Type of Bulb:LED Wattage:0.65W Voltage:3.7V Net weight:0.5kg

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  • Power Source:1800mAh/Lithium battery, rechargeable. Product Dimensions:2.76 x 2.76 x 2.09inches Color: Iridescence Shape:Round Material:PC+ABS Type of Bulb:LED Wattage:3.0W Voltage:DC 5V Net weight:0.16kg

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  • Energy-saving LED Ceiling Light: For the sake of energy saving, this motion sensing light is built-in photocell sensor, it only turns on under dark ambient when motion is detected

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  • Memeratta LED Nightlight with sensor Auto-on within 10 feet, auto-off after 20 seconds of no motion detected

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  • Memeratta smart night lights provide just the right amount of light to walk around your house without turning your main lights on. “HIGH” and“LOW”shift for selection.

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Shop The Best China LED Smart Light At Wholesale Rates

Sichuan Memeratta Technology Co., Ltd is becoming the leading hub for manufacturing and supplying the most efficient China LED cabinet light. The LED smart light we manufacture enlightens any of the areas with its bright light. We employ top-quality raw material to produce these smart lights. These LED Cabinet Lighting are the lights of modern technology that are beneficial for you in all ways. We deliver these lights anywhere in the world at wholesale rates. Our prices are market competitive and very economical. We provide full assurance of our LED smart lights of their efficiency and effectiveness.

An LED cabinet light is added to the pantry and kitchen cabinets to provide task lighting, which is complementary to the room's overall lighting conditions. The undersides of the cabinets are an ideal position for China LED smart light as a light source is near the task and can be useful in preventing unwanted glare. LED lights are usually bluer white in color profile, although they are also available in different color shades.

Why Should You Get China LED Cabinet Light?

We work for your convenience and put all our hard work and dedication to provide you with the best lighting solution. Our China smart led light bulb are adjustable and could be customized into any form according to your choice. We offer you the most versatile variety of LED lights and provide them to you according to your shapes, styles, and sizes. We manufacture high-quality LED lights, and their brilliancy is visible when it enlightens the area so efficiently.

There are several reasons that suggest the brilliancy of China LED smart light. The LED cabinet lights we provide can be installed into tiny kitchen cabinets and makes it way easier to find the stuff. We offer you the most excellent LED smart light and LED cabinet light that has unlimited benefits to offer.

1. These LED lights are highly energy-efficient. It saves a lot of your electricity bill.

2. The installation of China LED cabinet light is way too easier because these portable smart LED lights fit easily into smaller spaces and without obstructing any other outlets.

3. It has automatic illumination; it smartly adjusts itself in the night hours.

4. It has a longer lifespan of about 10,000+ hours.

5. China LED smart light has the ability to enhance any of your interiors with its aesthetic appearance. Any space looks amazing with these lights.

Get Your Customized LED Lights Here

These smart sensor LED lights are an amazing solution for homes, offices even in shops. You can add an extra light wherever it is needed. We also offer different sizes that can be easily fitted in any area. LED lights are famous for saving electricity and last long. Now no need to replace the bulbs anymore! These China LED cabinet lights perfect fit for your kitchen, office, basement, backyard, and more.

Features of Cabinet Light

• LED lights use lesser energy; hence they are energy efficient. LED lights to use 1/10W energy, and large-size LED lights to use 1/2W or sometimes 1W of energy.

• The cost is relatively cheaper as compared to conventional lamps.

• They have a longer lifespan as compared to any other alternative. Good quality can last up to 10 years.

• China LED cabinet lights to generate softer in comparison to other lighting options. 

• To help you monitor the light threshold in your house, add a light to the hard-to-see areas in your kitchen.

• For easy monitoring of your lighting, China LED smart light has a dimmer, an optional auto-off timer, and on/off capabilities.

• You can power up to 12 puck lights from up to 15 feet away using the included wireless remote.