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Local Specialty

About China Nutritious Bamboo Fungus

Sichuan Memeratta Technology Co., Ltd is China’s professional trading company. Who offers different local specialty to its customers like China nutritious bamboo fungus, it is a mushroom which grow on bamboo plants and it varies from off-white to pale brown in color. Also it resembles miniature loofah sponges when dried. China nutritious bamboo fungus contains essential amino acids and various vitamins that are known to be the most valued food in the medical field. 

It is essential to store dried bamboo fungus in a dry or cool location.

The bamboo fungus should be soaked in lightly salted water for 20 minutes before being cooked. Squeeze out all the moisture prior to use. Boil the fungus for no more than 1 minute for a better texture, then dip it in cold water before cooking.

Some Health Benefits of China Nutritious Bamboo Fungus

• Bamboo fungus is high in protein, low in fat, and has eight types of amino acids required by the human body

• It can help to lose weight, lower blood pressure and levels of cholesterol, and prevent cancer.

• It is healthy for the lungs and hearing.

High-Quality Nutritious Olive Oil Supplier

We are we-known nutritious olive oil supplier in the international market. Our nutritious olive oil is manufactured in our facility with cold pressing technique, where food safety standards are preserved at the highest level and air-free in stainless steel tanks, feels good with its special taste on your palate. It is also recognized by people as The Flavor of the Aegean Olive Oil.

Being nutritious olive oil supplier we offer natural bulk olive oil with a high vitamin, fragrance, polyphenol and antioxidant content is obtained by storing and bottling away from light and oxygen under nitrogen gas

Meet the Premium Nutritious Agaric Exporter

We are top nutritious agaric exporter in the global market, who provides the best nutritious products to its customer. Agaric may be either wild or cultivated artificially. The color is black brown, the texture is soft and gelatinous, thin and elastic. Nutritious agaric exporter provides you most nutritious agaric that can enrich and activate the blood, purify the lungs and intestines, etc., according to traditional Chinese medicine practitioner high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and even cancer prevention are included in it. Studies indicate that individuals who frequently consume black fungus which is agaric appear to have natural blood viscosity, a comparable outcome to aspirin consumption, not to mention that these individuals are at lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease.