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  • Portable UV hand sterilizer S-310

Portable UV Hand Sterilizer S-310

Memeratta portable hand UV sterilizer kill germs and virus within 20 seconds.


1.Long life UV light never need to be replaced;

2.265-280UV band, 99.9% disinfection;

3.Kill germs and virus on fruit, computer, telephones , kitchen utensils

and other upholstery in 20 seconds just by holding the sterilizer

on the surface of them;

4. Disinfection and Flashlight integrated together, easy switch.

5.Carried with portable power charging port.

6. Mini body make it very convenient to carry on during travel.


1.Material: ABS

2.Power source: Lithium battery 4.2V 2200mA/9.24AH

3.Light pattern: Disinfect lamp and flashlight

4.Light source: UV-C LED, 260-280nm; 1W  White

5.Flashlight: effective lighting range 100meter,110LM

6.Continous work:Disinfection lamp 5-7 hours; flashlight 35-40   hours

7.Charging model:USB-Micro   charging 

8. LEDlife:50000hrs

9.Product size:5.71x1.77inch(145X45mm)

10.Net Weight:230g