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  • Sterilizing wet towels S-305
  • Sterilizing wet towels S-305

Sterilizing Wet Towels S-305

Contain double chain quaternary ammonium salt, EDI ultra pure water and medical alcohol, sterilization more than 99.99%.





Technical specifications:

Material: spunlace nonwoven, water, medical alcohol, benzal chloramine

Sterilizing rate: 99.99%

Sheet Size:15*20cm

Grams: 40-70gsm(can customized)

Scent: free or customized

Quantity: 70pcs/barrel

Packaging:soft pack,doypack,canister,plastic box(accept private label)

Intended uses:

-Kids toy

-Public handrail


-Escalator & lifts

-Sanitary, pet, home appliances

-Keyboard, screen, glasses and phone

-Business trip, car